My Story

      I started my career by answering an ad in a newspaper (yes a newspaper) for a sales associate at a jewelry store in Southern Illinois by the name of 'Your Jeweler' in early 2004.

      I was a college student seeking a fine arts degree, and simply needed a job. Little did I know, I would fall in love with jewelry.

      The most gratifying lesson I learned sitting down with customers and designing jewelry for them, was to hear the story behind their design. I learned that the who, what, where, why, and when behind every piece of jewelry is why I love designing custom pieces for my clients.         

      Wanting to experience more of this beautiful country of ours, my husband and I, with our three sons left our little town in Southern Illinois and settled in our new home, in the North Georgia mountains, where we hope to learn all of the stories behind our new friends, in our new home. 

     Our story does not begin and end in the North Georgia mountains however.  People all over this magnificent country have stories of their own to tell, and here at 'Alaura Jewelry and Design' we can help tell your story.